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Boy & Girls I'M Powered Life Tees and Hoodies

Remove the Mittens to continue using your I’M POWERED Life Tee or Hoodie

Re-purpose your Hoodie or Tee to continue the life of the garment after your child has kicked their Thumbsucking habit.

You “Super Hero” child has beat the fingersucking habit, don’t get rid of the Hoodie or Tee, remove the mittens and your child can continue to wear the garment until they grow out of it. Made with only the highest quality fabric knit to order and made and manufactured entirely in the USA. The safe, colorfast dyes will not wash out – the molecules of the dye combine with the molecules of the fabric to create a permanent bond – the color becomes part of the fabric.

Washing Instructions: Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low. Do not use chlorine bleach on dark colors. May shrink up to 10%.

Watch the video to learn how to remove the mittens.

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