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I'M Powered Life empowers your superhero kids to stop finger-sucking

The I’M Powered™ story

My background is in pediatric/orthodontic dentistry as a dental hygienist. Back in 2010, I was sitting with one of my young patients and his parents.  I spoke with the parents about their difficulty helping their child stop finger sucking and thumb sucking.  The orthodontic devices available for this purpose only had about a 50% success rate, so I also felt frustrated too.  Additionally, I knew (well) the negative dental and health implications should the child continue the habit.  I thought to myself, someone should create a shirt with a glove attached. The idea evolved over time to create a garment that not only worked therapeutically to help children stop sucking thumb or fingers, but that looked fun and was comfortable to wear.

Helping children is the primary passion and focus at I’M POWERED. That is why 10% of all profits go to helping children around the world who are imprisoned in the child slavery and traffic epidemic. It is our goal and belief at I’M POWERED that as we help bring freedom to our own children from smaller things that hinder their growth – such as finger and thumb sucking- we can partner to help free and give other children a voice as well.

Naomi Gagliano


Stop Finger and Thumb Sucking products comparison

I'm Powered Life empowers children to stop thumb sucking

I’M Powered donates 10% of our profits to ZOE

Zoe International’s Mission:  Reaching every person, rescuing every child

ZOE International is a Christian organization with the mission to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ and to make disciples of the unreached people of the world and to demonstrate God’s compassion through rescuing and caring for orphans and children from human trafficking.

I'm Powered Life empowers children to stop finger sucking

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